WFP2400-2 | Welding Fume Purifier (Double Arms)
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Brand Austweld
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Welding fume purifier single arm is a light and high-efficiency collector, which is designed according to the needs of various industrial dust collections. It replies to the welding fumes, polishing, and other dust treatment in chemicals producing. Operators, who work for a long time in the environment of high concentration of dust, breathing in excess toxis substances, will cause headaches, nausea, asthma, chronic bronchitis and other symptoms, which seriously impact on health, and normal production.





Welding Fume Purifier (Double Arm)

Brand:                        AUSTWELD

Model:                        WFP2400-2

Input Voltage:             415V

Air Flow:                     2400m3

Power:                        2.2KW

Filtration Efficiency:    >99.9%

Filter Area:                  15m2

Suction Arm:               2 Unit x Ø160mm x 2 Meter

Filter:                          Convenient for maintenance and replacement

Size:                           650mm x 650mm x 1250mm