About Us


Weld Master Industries Sdn. Bhd. is founded in 2002. Our principal activity comprises of manufacturing “Electrode, Flux and Wire Oven” and a range of welding machines. Our main domestic market is engineering vessel manufacturer, infrastructure engineering, cement plants, oil mills, biodiesel plants, shipyards, and oil & gas industries. Our Electrode Ovens are exported to Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Denmark, India, Brunei, and Australia.

Our range of welding equipment, I.e. MIG/MAG welding machine, MMA Stick Welding Machine, Sub-Arc Welding Machine, TIG Welding Machine, Plasma Cutter Machine, and Spot and Projection Welding Machine.

With a strong supply chain, Weld Master Industries Sdn. Bhd. Has established itself as a reliable one-stop center that meets customers’ Welding, Cutting, Forming and Industrial Hardware needs. We are also trading and distribution of welding consumables comprising of covered electrodes, cored wires, solid wires, TIG rods, Strips, and Fluxes, covers all your needs for all types of welding.

          In these recent years, our team of R & D has come up with a new product which is The Welding Rotators (Turning rolls) series which range from 5 ton to 150 tons of loading weight. The series is used to weld, polish, and assemble cylindrical work-piece and used for longitudinal and circumferential welding of pressure vessels, dished End and cylinder-shells, pipe and flange, nozzle and also be used for assembling, cutting, heating and painting of tanks, pipes, pressure vessels, etc. This product is currently our top rented equipment, especially in the shipyard industries.

          Our scope of supply is inclusive of R & D, manufacturing, rental and sales business, repair, and maintenance of welding machines. With our philosophy “R & D as a foundation, Quality as lifeline and Service as a basis”, we provide our clients with the most outstanding products and services.